With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore – picked this up from a friend of mine

‘Twas the night before the HSC, when all through the house
Not a parent was stirring, not even to rouse;
‘Do you want another snack, or a treat of some kind?”
In hopes that their daughter would not fall behind.

Our HSC student was nestled in bed,
Her ear phones embedded, her laptop (not book!) being read;
And papa in his shorts, and I in my yoga pants,
Had just settled down, for another sideways glance.

When on the front page of the Herald was more news,
Of all the extra measures, and the don’ts and the dos;
To avoid getting COVID and it spreading like a flash,
Make sure you get tested and sanitise en masse.

The schools are all ready, with NESA rules shared
To ensure exams will happen, they must be prepared!
So don’t come with symptoms, not even a drop,
‘Cause you don’t want to be the one, who made the exams stop.

Now English! now, Maths!, now Latin! now, History!
On, French! on Music! on, Physics and Chemistry!
To the top of the band 6! to the top of the state!
Now calculate! memorise! and determine your fate!

As 2020 that was the craziest time for this class,
When they met with an obstacle, remained ever steadfast,
So up to the task the students they flew,
With their minds full of numbers and quotes they all knew.

And then, the day was here, and it was hard to believe,
They made it through the zooms and were ready to achieve.
As we said dear goodnight, our student then said,
Please try not to worry parents, you should be off to bed!

She sprang to her room, to revise one last time,
And then hoping to dream well, whilst laying still and supine.
So to all the many parents, who are still up and out there,
Happy HSC eve to all, and to all take good care!