Our Courses

Our Courses cover both group and private Tuition from Kindergarten to Yr 12 in Maths and English.



  • R³ Education Centre looks to create well-rounded students of English by giving them a broad understanding of the different aspects of the English language, in addition to school syllabus.
  • We adopt a multisensory approach, which enables all children – whatever their learning style or ability – to develop the key skills which will allow them to read fluently, spell accurately and write confidently.
  • We believe that learning language skills should not be solely for the purpose of students knowing what is ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’.
  • Students should have strong English skills so they can make the best choices when writing and to make themselves understood as clearly as possible. The majority of the English language does not fall into a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ category, and we aim to reflect this in our English program.
  • Through our program, students are able to easily identify and use a variety of writing styles and structures, a key component of the English syllabus.

We Aim To:

  • students’ reading ability
  • writing skills
  • a working understanding of the mechanics of English
  • perfect grammar and punctuation use
  • comprehension skills
  • a strong vocabulary bank


  • R³ Education Centre introduces a fresh approach to the learning of Mathematics in a small-centre learning environment.
  • At R³ Education Centre, we believe that Mathematics is more than rote-learning rules, formulae and procedures. We believe it should be more about making sense of mathematical questions, situations or problems in a meaningful way and being able to assess whether or not an answer obtained makes sense.
  • Our goal is to turn our students into a successful and independent learner. We work with the students so they learn the strategies that is required of them.

We Aim To:

  • develop the learning of essential numeracy and mathematical skills
    improve mental computation skills
  • complement work taught in the NSW mathematics classroom
    extend the student by incorporating a range of both abstract and practical problems
  • support the development of students’ mathematical reasoning skills
    assist students in learning to explain their thinking
  • promote thinking and reflection about numbers and operations.

Private Tuition

One-on-one tuition is offered for Mathematics and English. The sessions are an hour in length and are aimed to develop the student’s thinking skills. The private tuition allows for tutor and students to focus on areas of improvement or on any area of work that they do not understand from school.


Group Tuition

Students are assessed, then placed on an individualised worksheet level – specific to their ability and assigned to a tutor.

Groups of 2-4 students with similar abilities will be guided by a tutor to work through the worksheet during class time.

They attend the centre for 30-45 minute sessions per subject per week.

There are 5 days of homework to be completed at home.

Homework is 15-20 minutes per day.


Enrolment Application Forms & Parental Agreement

Please fill out and submit the enrolment form and then sign the parental agreement. One enrolment form per child, but you can do the parental agreement for all children.

Current School your Child is attending
Date of Enrolment at Da Vinci Hub
Anything else we should know?

Please agree to the terms and conditions below to complete enrolment, alternativle you can download and sign our PDF form and return by email or post or in person.

Parent Agreement
Success at R3 Education depends on an effective partnership between parents and the team at R3 Education for the benefit of the learner. We are committed to establishing such a partnership and ask you to sign this agreement so that together we can help your child to develop skills and knowledge and to grow in confidence.

In order to achieve the aims set out above, I will:

• Ensure that any homework set is completed.
• Encourage and motivate my child.
• Inform the Education Centre Manager in writing, by phone or in person of any factors which may affect my child’s learning.
• Ensure that full payment of fees is required at the beginning of term.

Terms and Conditions:
• I will advise us in writing of all medical or health conditions or other factors which may impact in any way on your child’s participation in this workshop;
• I will inform R3 Education staff immediately about any changes in your child’s health status or other circumstances prior to the commencement of a class.
• If the R3 Education staff determines that my child needs medical attention and for any reason I cannot be contacted, I authorise the R3 Education Manager to seek medical attention at my cost.
• I understand that I am responsible for the safety of my child outside the R3 Education.
• I understand that I will be on the R3 Education’s emailing list for centre correspondences
• R3 Education

• I understand that no credits, refunds or other adjustments will be made if a student does not attend one or more classes or workshops.
• I understand that any missed or forgotten classes cannot be refunded or rescheduled
• I understand that will fill out a separate form at the time of enrolment for tuition for fee deductions.
• I understand that the fees will be deducted using EZIDEBIT
• I understand that special interest workshops / school holiday workshops will be invoiced separately.
• I understand that full payment for the special interest workshops / school holiday workshops must be made before enrolment is confirmed.
• In the event where R3 Education is required to cancel a workshop, 100% refund is provided.

Release and Indemnity:
To the fullest extent permitted by law you release and discharge and indemnify R3 Education Pty Ltd ATF Cao Sisters Trust ACN 607 187 753 and the employees, officers, servants or agents of R3 Education Pty Ltd from and against any or all claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses in any way connected to or rising directly or indirectly from your child’s participation in the course or classes including (but not limited to) any physical or other injury that may be sustained by your child or in respect of any treatment or expenses incurred for your child.
You acknowledge that you have read and understood this agreement and have been given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have in respect of this agreement

Parents Full Name
Please aknowledge consent below.