A Community Learning Hub

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”


At Da Vinci Hub, we believe that learning is fun, enjoyable and rewarding when fostered in the right environment. Learning is part of life and being part of a community. The success of learning is so much more than the results of an exam or gaining recognition; it is measured by a sense of fulfillment, empowerment and creates an appetite for more. Da Vinci Hub will change how you view learning. ​

Mission Statement:

To create an environment where everyone feels accepted and their differences embraced.
To offer learning opportunities that vary from mainstream and allow engagement from participants.
To align ourselves with others in the community who share our philosophy.
We all have a different and unique life story. Through our life experiences, we gain different interests and skills.

Da Vinci Hub is an environment that offers learning opportunities for people of all ages to gather, to share ideas, inspire one another, meet new friends, learn something new or rediscover something old.

Our History

The idea for the centre began in 2005 when I became a parent and saw education as the most valuable investment for any child. I started out owning an education franchise and found that students needed a more flexible learning program. My own children were not taking “risks” as they were afraid of getting the ‘wrong answers’.

My parents were Vietnamese refugees – they came to Australia in 1980 with nothing other than what they had learned in Vietnam and the clothes on their backs. Both my parents were educated in Vietnam and for them, having to start with nothing here in Australia, they knew that they wanted to invest in their daughters’ education because education equalled possibilities. With sheer determination, hard work and perseverance, they managed to support three daughters through university and the opportunities that followed inspired R3 Education Centre.

The Da Vinci Hub incorprates the R3 centre – with it’s focus on tutoring children in Maths and English from Kindergarten to High School – and extends our succesful learning methodology accross many subjects and for all ages – see our whats on page for a flavour.

Our Social Values

We strive to build a ‘hub’ that is for the community, supports the community and will give to the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To reduce our carbon footprint and landfill waste, Da Vinci Hub will use recycled or pre-loved furniture, equipment or resources where possible.

We will recycle or donate unused equipment and resources.

Da Vinci Hub will be involved with charitable activities throughout the year.

Come back from time-to-time to see what our current projects are.