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At Da Vinci Hub, we believe that learning is fun, enjoyable and rewarding when fostered in the right environment. Learning is part of life and being part of a community. The success of learning is so much more than the results of an exam or gaining recognition; it is measured by a sense of fulfillment, empowerment and creates an appetite for more. Da Vinci Hub will change how you view learning. ​

Mission Statement:

To create an environment where everyone feels accepted and their differences embraced.
To offer learning opportunities that vary from mainstream and allow engagement from participants.
To align ourselves with others in the community who share our philosophy.

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We send our warmest wishes to our families and friends beginning the month of Ramadan. We hope the coming days are filled with light and love, gratitude and patience.

Thursday Birds-Day!

Today we’re celebrating our busiest neighbour: the Grey Fantail! Like other insectivorous birds, Grey Fantails are almost continually on the move, constantly changing position when perched, fanned tails swishing back and forth, fluttering about in the canopy of trees ...or darting out on the hunt. Despite their diminutive size they are capable of long-distance journeys, with some regularly flying across the Bass Strait.
Their movements are particularly complex and birds in different regions have been identified as having their own individual patterns of movement.

These birds are not shy! You’ve likely seen them flitting within a few metres of you -especially in parks and gardens- focused on catching some grub. So if you feel like these school holidays have you pulled in ten different directions spare a thought for our little flying friends and everywhere they're racing to be.

Today in history!

In 1722 Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia, ended the tax on men with beards. He had been the one to enact the tax, a few years earlier, as part of a raft of initiatives to make Russian society more aligned with Western European fashions.
Those who paid the tax were ...granted a token (like that pictured above) as proof and featured statements like "money is paid" and "the beard is a superfluous burden".
The tax was unpopular, as many felt it was a religious requirement for a man to wear a beard. To enforce it the tsar empowered police to publicly and forcibly shave those found bearded but without a token.

Ending the tax proved a considerably more popular move than enacting it.

Wishing everyone a Safe Break. Relax and make sure to not eat too much chocolates!

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Do you know this pal as a peewee? Perhaps a peewit? Or a mudlark? A pugwall? This black-and-white passerine bird is native to Australia, Timor and southern New Guinea, and has a different name in every locality -sometimes onomatopoeic ones! Indigenous people in the ...Sydney region called it birrarik or birrerik.

Aggressively territorial, magpie-larks have been known to attack larger species such as magpies, ravens, kookaburras and wedge-tailed eagles, as well as humans, and occasionally their own reflections.

Magpie-larks are one of around 200 species of bird around the world known to sing in duet; each partner produces about one note a second, but a half-second apart, so humans find it difficult to tell that there are actually two birds singing, not one. Duet singing among magpie-larks is recognised to be co-operative: pairs sing together to defend territory and recognise their neighbours.

In most countries April Fools’ Day, (also known as “All Fools’ Day”), is celebrated on the first day of April. Its name comes from the custom of playing practical jokes -telling friends that their shoelaces are untied, swapping someone’s sugar for salt, or sending them on unnecessary ...errands.

Although it has been observed for centuries, the true origins of April Fools’ Day are unknown and effectively unknowable. It has some similarities to the ancient Roman festival of ‘Hilaria’, but other theories include calendar changes, and unexpected springtime weather.

There are variations between countries in the exact manner of celebration, but all have in common an excuse to make someone play the fool. Many places see newspapers sharing false headlines or articles of impossible feats. In France the fooled person is called ‘poisson d’avril’ (“April fish”), perhaps referring to a young fish easily caught.

Many French children make paper fish to tape them to unsuspecting classmates' backs. This is described as "coller un poisson dans le dos de quelqu'un".

Today in history!

In 1889, on March 31st, the Eiffel Tower was officially inaugurated! Although it’s now hard to imagine a Paris skyline that doesn’t feature this 984-foot (300m) wrought iron tower, it was originally expected to be torn down after 20 years! Thankfully, it proved to be ...too useful for communications and received a reprieve.

Initially, the tower had been created by Gutave Eiffel to open the 1889 World’s Fair and commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution, -but unfortunately the lifts were not completed at the time of the ceremony, and so the procession had to ascend on foot.

Despite the 1,710-step climb the tower was an instant success with the public and nearly 30,000 visitors made it to the top before the lifts entered service on May 26th.

R3 Education

At R3 Education Centre, we offer small group and private tuition for pre-school to high school students in Mathematics and English. We use the approach that children should feel enthusiastic about learning. We aim to help them develop critical thinking skills they can carry with them into other areas of their lives.

R3 Education is part of the DaVinci Hub, with a focus on the three R’s for students in kindergarten through to the HSC.

Visit R3 Education or start the enrolment process.

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