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At Da Vinci Hub, we believe that learning is fun, enjoyable and rewarding when fostered in the right environment. Learning is part of life and being part of a community. The success of learning is so much more than the results of an exam or gaining recognition; it is measured by a sense of fulfillment, empowerment and creates an appetite for more. Da Vinci Hub will change how you view learning. ​

Mission Statement:

To create an environment where everyone feels accepted and their differences embraced.
To offer learning opportunities that vary from mainstream and allow engagement from participants.
To align ourselves with others in the community who share our philosophy.

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English spelling can be so random! #english #spelling #phonics #tutoring #tutoringservices #words #wordplay

We all hope that our children are growing to be kind and caring people, but for even the gentlest and bravest among us it's sometimes hard to know exactly how to ask a friend "Are you OK?". This short video runs through a common scenario for kids and adults alike: Alec has noticed ...his friend Jenny seems upset, and wants to let her know he's there to help. But how to start that conversation without seeming pushy?

R U OK? Day suggests these steps:
-Encourage Action
-Check In

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How to be a good friend and ask R U OK? (K-6)

We're never too young to look out for one another and lend support. In this video, ALEC shows you how to be a good friend and ask "Are you OK." For...

Happy Father's Day to everyone tackling the rewarding, thrilling, and challenging role of "Dad". To New Dads, Grandads, Step-Dads, Expecting Dads, Dads-in-Heaven, Adoptive Dads, Honorary Dads, Dads-in-Law and Godfathers -we see you putting in an emu-loyal effort and we love you for We hope the traditional burnt-toast breakfast was delicious 🥳💖

Happy Wattle Day!

In 1992, the first day of September each year was officially proclaimed 'National Wattle Day' throughout Australia by the Governor-General of Australia.

Before then Wattle Days on different days in different states and territories had been celebrated ...since 1 September 1910. This was when the first Wattle Day celebration across state borders took place in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Wattle days have been celebrated for different reasons over the last century. For example they were linked during WW1 to patriotism, a reminder of home for those fighting wars overseas and fundraising for related community causes.

Perhaps Dr Rod Panter summed it up best when he wrote in 1997 that:

"Wattle and Wattle Day can symbolise virtually anything we want, but they relate generally to Spring, being Australian, the Australian environment, and history. Spring has many positive values such as optimism, bounty and abundance, reliability, colour, and so on.

We can celebrate our ‘Australianness’ on Wattle Day in quite a different way from Anzac Day, which in recalling past wars glorifies Australian qualities of courage and mateship.

Wattle day, by contrast, looks forward (to Spring) and can celebrate the nation’s undoubted qualities of good humour, fairness, generosity, informality and democracy."

❓❓What happens at Da Vinci Hub when we are able to re-open? Watch our video.
📚📚 In the meantime during lockdown, we are offering online help for students and families while we are doing remote schooling.
Email us: - we are currently servicing our local school... students so parents are able to work. #business #businesspost

Sasha wishes a very happy International Dog Day to all those pooches like her -working hard to keep their humans plodding along!

Enrolling now to help with student remote learning.
Enrolment fees waived. Email us

A New Women’s Circle was due to start in Five Dock but due to lockdowns, Ingrid Galloway will be offering these sessions online ..

R3 Education

At R3 Education Centre, we offer small group and private tuition for pre-school to high school students in Mathematics and English. We use the approach that children should feel enthusiastic about learning. We aim to help them develop critical thinking skills they can carry with them into other areas of their lives.

R3 Education is part of the DaVinci Hub, with a focus on the three R’s for students in kindergarten through to the HSC.

Visit R3 Education or start the enrolment process.

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